As I’m getting older the follies of the younger generation become more and more irritating and no doubt that my parents felt the same as us kids grew into adulthood. However, once in a great while you read a story or see a video of some the young adult that understands the bigger world around them. In sports this is all too often forgotten,there are only WINNERS and second place is only the first place loser. I played several sports in high school and always considered myself athletic, but I too was only concerned with victories.

Please take a look at the amazing selflessness of a 12/13-year-old wrestler (I started wrestling at the age of nine) and I dare you not to feel some emotions.¬†“You Can Do Anything You Want”¬†will remind us all that there is more to athletics than just winning and losing.

Spring is just around the corner, my wheels are itching for green grass!