Now that the heart of winter has descended upon us, a few days of relaxation on a cruise ship in the Caribbean sure sounds nice. Although, I have never been on a large cruise ship, I reached out to my friends on wheels that have to get their advice. Parsing what I learned from them and what I have found in my research, here are a few tips that may help you make it through the winter blahs.

  1. begin by doing a little research at least six months ahead of time of the various cruise vessels.
  2. also, do a little checking with the travel agencies in your area (AAA is always helpful or AARP).
  3. It is extremely important that you are up front about any special needs you may have!(remember this is supposed to be enjoyable)
  4. be aware that not all port calls are wheelchair accessible.
  5. And lastly, a little flexibility can go a long way in making your trip enjoyable.

Most of the people I’ve spoken with use Galveston Texas as their port of deportation, however, all passenger ports should be accessible. Once you have selected your cruise, it is important find the type of cabin that will fit your needs. Doing a little checking on cabin layouts can make your voyage all the more fun. However, keep in mind space is limited.

I will update this post after I have traveled the beautiful blue seas, but would like to hear your response if you have travel or vacation on a cruise ship.

As cold as it may be, it is still important to get out of the house to help maintain your sanity.